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Products - Indian Rosewood "Shisham or Sheesham"

Sheesham is rosewood indigenous to India. Hardwood, dense, heavy, durable. Has cathedral like grain. Our wood is kiln-dried. We guarantee the seams in our furniture will not open up beyond a slight movement that may be expected with rustic furniture made with a panel construction.

Please note that a seam split differs from the natural distress of the wood. Also, our furniture is hand-made and that can be seen upon close inspection. They blend in with the look of our furniture and add to the rustic charm. Pieces will have a consistent overall tone. Please note: grain, texture and tones will vary from piece to piece due to the nature of the wood and its hand-finished processing.

The final finish can be done in various shades using different stains giving the wood a variety of colours like light & dark honey, light & dark antique, etc. Further the products can be coated with melamine and polyurethane which comes in gloss as well as matt finish, to give render them waterproofing.

We ensure that not only do our products look beautiful, they'll last a life-time

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